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Dutch Kozaks

What we do

DUTCH KOZAKS is engaged in sending humanitarian aid to hard-to-reach places in Ukraine. With the help of the donations, medicines, hygiene products and varied and long-life foodstuffs are purchased from suppliers at very low prices. This makes it possible to help many people in war-torn areas for small amounts.

Ukrainian refugees

In addition to humanitarian aid to Ukraine, we are also involved in providing information and promoting the interests of Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. We want their stay in the Netherlands
to go as smoothly as possible, so that they can return to Ukraine after the war and use useful Dutch knowledge to rebuild their country.

To achieve this, we keep close contact with the Ukrainian migrants in various reception centres, make lists of their needs and register any complaints. Then we contact the management of the security regions and see how together we can improve the living conditions of the

Targeted and efficient

In order to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those in need and does not end up in the hands of shady middlemen, we have taken a number of safety measures. Stickers have been printed in English and Ukrainian: “Humanitarian aid, the product is not for sale! These stickers are put on every single unit of product and packed back into the boxes. In Ukraine we have a number of contacts who check the end point of the humanitarian aid for us and make a photo or video report of the delivery. You can see these in our newsletters and in the social media.

Activities for children

Various activities are organised in the Netherlands for the children from Ukraine. For example, we have made agreements with LEGOLAND Scheveningen about a regular free visit for children who have registered with us. If you have Ukrainian children in your home or in the reception centres, please register them via our e-mail address DutchKozaks@gmail.com. Please do not forget to mention the name of the supervisor and the children, address and telephone number.


On 10 March 2022 the Dutch Kozaks Foundation was officially registered. To help us achieving our targets, donations are very welcome. You can do so by going to the “Donate” page on this website. If you have made a donation and would like to know where the money has gone, you can request an overview via DutchKozaks@gmail.com.